Avatar Defender Bow




These officially licensed bow and arrows are a replica of those used in James Cameron’s feature film Avatar and are a great accessory for when you want to join the Navi in battle! Makes for hours of archery fun!

Set Includes: 1 Avatar Defender Bow and 3 Suction-Cup Arrows.

More about the Avatar Defender Bow:

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED ROLE-PLAY: With the Avatar Defender Bow & Arrow Set, you will play the role of a heroic Navi warrior who protects their homeland, the planetoid Pandora from the human invaders. Makes for hours of fun!
  • ULTIMATE EXCITEMENT: The Avatar Defender Bow is safe and durable, but it can still launch the arrow over 12m, making this thrilling for kids as well as adults.
  • PATENTED LOOP AND LAUNCH TECHNOLOGY: Quickly and easily launch arrows. Just hook arrows on the loops, pull back and release. Works only with ZiNG Toy's soft and safe arrows so nothing dangerous can be launched.
  • LET THE FUN STICK!: Suction Cup Arrows can stick to almost any flat surface; easy to remove and leaves no marks or residue on surfaces.
  • PLAY EVERYWHERE: Lightweight and compact design, perfect for indoors and more confined spaces.

This set is packed in sustainable recyclable cardboard packaging. This helps reduce tons of packaging material waste.

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