Avatar Remote Control Classic Banshee




Form a lifelong bond with your very own banshee from the world of Avatar. This thrilling, flying toy is the perfect blend of traditional remote control toys and today’s trendy drone toys. With the ability to control manually or perform tricks at the push of a button, it’s perfect for any skill level. It is an ideal birthday or holiday present for kids. Take control of your banshee and bring the adventure from the skies of Pandora to your own backyard with easy, outdoor fun for the entire family.

The Na’vi creatures, from James Cameron’s film Avatar, are sure to be a collector's favourite! The Avatar Remote Control Banshee looks just like a real banshee flying through the air, complete with flapping wings. Just give it a gentle toss and it will start flying with unbelievable performance, even in small or moderate wind.

With integrated bionics, aerodynamics, and precision machinery technology, the Avatar Remote Control Classic Banshee offers an amazing remote-control and auto flying experience. Flies up to 200 feet away. Altitude sensor allows it to maintain its altitude, fly in a straight line, and prevent it from flying too high.

The flying Banshee is made of high-grade fabric material which is lightweight, flexible, strong and durable. Single-wing lifting design, the sound of flying is softer. The compact size and lightweight design makes it portable everywhere.

Avatar Remote Control Classic Banshee includes 1 rechargeable Lithium battery that only requires 20 minutes to fully recharge. The battery provides approximately 10 minutes of flight time.

Kids can fly their Banshee up, down, around, through hula hoops and more. It is a great birthday or holiday present for kids, and kids are able to quickly grasp how to control it and move it in all directions. Perfect for outside fun! It is not recommend to use outdoors when wind speed outside is ≥ Level 3 (12~19 km/h).

*Disclaimer: Keep Avatar Banshee in sight at all times. Be aware of the environment you fly your Avatar Banshee in. Avoid water, trees, power lines, and windy skies to prevent loss or damage to your bird. If you lose control of Avatar Banshee or it begins to fly away, immediately press the on/off button to stop its flight.

This toy is packed in sustainable recyclable cardboard packaging. This helps reduce tons of packaging material waste.

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