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Soar to new heights with the launch of the new Go Go Bird! This thrilling flying bird toy is the perfect blend of traditional RC toys and today’s trendy drone toys. With the ability to control manually or perform tricks at the push of a button, it’s perfect for any skill level. It is an ideal birthday or holiday present for kids. Take control of the Go Go Bird for easy, outdoor fun for the entire family.

Key features

  • LOOKS LIKE A FLYING BIRD: Tired of flying boring drones with no personality? ZiNG's Go Go Bird looks like a real bird flying through the air, complete with flapping wings. Just give the Go Go Bird a gentle toss and it will start flying. An easy to use controller and pre-set circling flight options make it easy for beginners to use. The bright, colour changing LED light shines in 7 colours, making night flying even more spectacular!
  • AUTOMATIC OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE: With it’s smart obstacle-avoidance module which uses infrared sensors, Go Go Bird can dodge obstacles. It will automatically turn when sensing objects in its path from approximately 1.8m away.
  • 6-AXIS SENSOR: With integrated bionics, AI, aerodynamics, and precision machinery technology, the Go Go Bird flying toy offers an amazing remote-control and auto flying experience. Flies up to 60m away. With a 6-axis sensor, it maintains its altitude and automatically stops flapping when it’s back on the ground.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: This flying bird is made of high-grade, environmental-friendly materials which are lightweight, flexible, and impact resistant. Its small size and lightweight design make it easy to take anywhere; A display stand is included - showcase your bird when it’s not flying on its own sleek display stand. Keep your bird in the spotlight, whether it's flying or just nesting
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES: Go Go Bird flying toy includes 2 rechargeable Lithium batteries that only require 20 minutes to fully recharge. Each battery provides approximately 15 minutes of flight time.

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