Klixx Creaturez 2 Pack - Shark + Crab




Keep calm and click away with the Klixx creaturez combo pack - Ocean Series. These aquatic twists on classic fidget toys will transport you to the amazing world of the ocean. Interlocking leg or body pieces snap into place with a satisfying click sound. Klixx Creatures can keep your mind occupied while waiting in line, on a car ride, while waiting for your dinner. Kids as well as adults can click anywhere! You can even learn to bring your creature to life using stop motion animation techniques!

INCLUDES: 1 Klixx Shark and 1 Klixx Crab. Recommended for kids ages 4 and up


Play with Klixx Creaturez and relieve your stress! You can manipulate this fun toy into an endless amount of artistic designs and shapes. Klixx Creaturez is made from interlocking bits that snap, click, crackle, crunch, and bend as you fidget with them.


Each Ocean Creaturez is brightly colored with a body that bends, twists and clicks. Their unique shape of insects can also attract kids’ attention.


With multiple joints and links, you can create your own Stop-motion animations with the Zing Studio app (available on Google Play and App store). Use your imagination to create adventure films starring the Klixx Creaturez!


Klixx Creaturez are great for education and creative play. Learn more about wildlife and nature, as well as improve children's concentration and develop their imagination and creativity.

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