StikBot Monsters Werewolf & Cyborg - 6 Pack




Bring your nightmares to life with the new Stikbot Cyborg and Werewolf Pack! The sinister set has the complete cast of characters - Cyborg, Mad Scientist, Insector; Werewolf, Stikbot Prey, Aquafang - to make your own horror films! Create a mad scientist scene that would even electrify Frankenstien with excitement, film Werewolf howling at the moon as it hunts for the Stikbot Prey, or create your own new scary scenes. Light! Camera! Monster Action!

Set includes:

  • 6x StikBot Monsters

StikBots are posable robot action figures that will stick to almost any flat surface thanks to their suction-cup hands and feet. The unique fully articulated, posable design allows StikBot to be positioned in countless ways.

Learn more about StikBot:

  • CREEPY CREATURES: Let your creativity run wild as you think of the ideal ways to use the new Stikbot Cyborg & Werewolf figures in your next spooky scenes; includes 6 characters - Cyborg, Mad Scientist, Insector; Werewolf, Stikbot Prey, Aquafang
  • CHOSEN BY THE COMMUNITY: After a vote from the fanbot community, Cyborg and Werewolf were selected to join the cast of Stikbot Monsters. Are you ready for their spooky debut?
  • COLLECTABLE: Stikbot Monsters are just one part of the Stikbot line; Complete your set with the Stikbot Mega Monsters, Stikbot Off the Grid Character packs, and the Stikbot Action Packs
  • BECOME A MOVIE MAKER: Learn stop motion animation techniques when you download our free StikBot Studio 2.0 App. Use your imagination to create blockbuster films starring StikBot
  • STEAM ACCREDITED: Our StikBot and KlikBot ranges are officially STEAM accredited. That means they’re proven to be great educational toy ranges that can foster creativity and develop critical thinking skills.
  • VISIT YOUTUBE FOR INSPIRATION: Get inspired by super fun content, including fan-made movies and zany StikBot shows on our Youtube channel, StikBot Central. Be sure to share your creations using #Stikbot.

This set is packed in sustainable recyclable cardboard packaging. This helps reduce tons of packaging material waste.

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